Social restaurant Urban Space 500 campaign was launched in Kyiv


The launching of the social restaurant Urban Space 500 was announced on March 15th in Kyiv in creative space “Chasopys”. Urban Space 500 is a social entrepreneurship that will be co-founded by 500 social investors who will irrevocably contribute 1000 $ to the project.

The opening of the restaurant is planned for 2017. 80% of generated income will be redirected into social non-profit initiatives in Kyiv. Urban Space 500 will be a restaurant with reasonable prices, comfortable for people with limited abilities, open for different educational and cultural events and to different users for meals, meetings or both combined as well to those who want to be alone and read a book.

Along with the restaurant and an open space for events, there will be a transparent Urban Space radio studio installed. A platform for discussing urbanistic and societal projects.

Urban Space 500 will be the first restaurant opened as a prototype of successfully operating Urban Space 100 in Ivano-Frankivsk in frames of the social franchise.

The model will combine social component management by an NGO “Insha Osvita” in cooperation with platform “Teple Misto” and a restaurant management by “DRUZI Cafe & Bar”.

Yuriy Fyliuk, head of “Teple Misto”: “One of the basic values of “Teple Misto” is openness. We always share our experience if they are useful.

Urban Space 100 is an effective social innovation with benefits for the city. We’ve received more than 200 requests to open same spaces in other cities and therefore, developed a social franchise for the project which will transfer experience to civil platforms. Using the model they will unite social investors, find local restaurant company and finally launch space with future administration”.

Sviatoslav Popov, coordinator of the project Urban Space 500, NGO “Insha Osvita”: ”Insha Osvita” sees it’s mission in creating educational space and new possibilities for Kyiv through their support in Urban Space 500. This project will be an example of a place where people can learn and work, meet friends and develope. For us, it's a logical step toward our passion for innovative cross-sectorial models for the sustainable development of society.

Svitlana Musiy, restaurant company “Druzi”: “Our company fully supports the philosophy of sustainable development. We believe that by uniting efforts we will bring real changes into society.

For us, participation in this project is a possibility to make a long-term contribution to the common good and apply our potential as a socially responsible business. We have a lot to share after 5 years of experience.

Yana Ibrahimova, co-founders of Urban Space 500: “For me, Urban Space is ideology, part of mental reform in Ukraine. From paternalism to passion, where we are responsible for what we think, do and how we live. From expectations to actions. From privileges to responsibility. This social innovation accumulates simple, understandable and effective mechanism of interaction. This should be part of the cultural, social and entrepreneurial progress of the country.

If you want to become a co-owner of Urban Space 500 please contact us via email: