The idea is to open a social restaurant in Kyiv in an Urban Space format which will become a successful example of uniting a community around a common cause. What makes Urban Space unique is that 80% of the restaurant profit will be reinvested in social projects aimed at the city’s development.

The project will bring together 500 active citizens following their passion for high-quality urban space development.

Objectives are:

  • develop a physical platform to mobilize the proactive base of the city, giving impulse to initiatives while retaining the dynamics of their development
  • create a transparent trust fund intended to finance social projects and start-ups which are aimed towards the development of the city
  • bring together 500 people with practical intelligence to invest in the project and distribute funds to finance other initiatives

urban space

Urban Space is a developing chain of social restaurants based on the social franchise model.

The first social restaurant - Urban Space 100, created using this model, successfully operates in Ivano-Frankivsk.




The project is being launched by NGO
Insha Osvita” in partnership with platform “Teple Misto”.

Till February 2020 concept development, implementation and further management arranged by “DRUZI Cafe & Bar” Company. Now, these tasks are on the restaurant's own management.

The restaurant's opening in 2018


Support the project and become a co-founder of Urban Space 500



Order a table in a restaurant
063 161 84 00
Rent and reservation of the hall in the Urban Space 500
Kyiv, vul. Borys Hrinchenko, 9

Management of the Urban Space 500 project


  1. What happens if the project is not successful?

    This can happen only if the project brings no profit, which has a low probability. Nevertheless, the managing company “DRUZI Cafe and Bar” guarantees the maintenance of Urban Space 500 for a minimum of 2 years after its opening. .

  2. How is the profit distributed and how are decisions made?

    80% of the profit will be directed solely to support non-profit community projects aimed at the development of Kyiv. The members meetings will be held quarterly in the Urban Space 500 where they will decide into which projects the funds, gained during the reporting period, should be directed. The decision is made by a simple voting of the majority of the total number of members physically present at the meeting. The remaining 20% of the income will be paid to the managing company for the implementation and management of the project.

  3. What does it mean to be a member of the project?

    At quarterly general meetings, members decide on the allocation of funds for social projects in Kyiv. If necessary, the general meeting has the power to change the management company or organization responsible for the management of the project.